Prepping for Tanzania


I just got out of our last Tanzania meeting of the year a few hours ago. I can honestly say it hasn’t hit me yet that I am going over there to teach. Not even just teach but just going over there in general, experiencing something so foreign to me is a very exciting prospect! I can’t wait to have that feeling of being culturally lost or shocked. Those feelings can be scary but they can also be very positive at the same time. After all the most growth happens when people push their own boundaries and limits. Growth doesn’t happen in the most comfortable of settings. True growth happens through pushing into the unknown. The unknown can be scary at times and Tanzania is very unknown to me no matter how much I read or hear about it. I am truly excited about spending time with the people over there and learning from them. I want to be a sponge soaking in all I can. Learning from my students, the head master, my fellow classmates, and even the dalla dalla driver.

The feeling of not knowing anyone over there or being fluent in the language and way of life, gahh thats what really makes me excited!! I am not very nervous honestly which surprises me. I think the thing I am most nervous about is making my flight at this point. I am really worried about that. Which I think is kind of funny because I  have had alot of dreams lately about being late for different things and missing them. Such as my exams. But exams aren’t as exciting as an opportunity like this! Until next time.

Kwa Herni

Zach T

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7 Responses to Prepping for Tanzania

  1. ChaCha says:

    It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.
    Andre Gide
    Embrace the journey! You will do well. Love you, ChaCha xox


  2. Please please try the coffee there. I know it’s sad, but that’s the one thing I want to make sure I try whenever I travel.


  3. Please please try the coffee there. I know this is sad, but that’s the one thing (other than microbrews) that I make sure I try wherever i travel.


  4. Jim Tenbusch says:

    Yes! Zach man , go and be strong you will do well. We will miss you, but carry God in your heart and you will do whatever you set out to accomplish!


  5. Roni Hall says:

    How’s it going Zachman? How’s the food? Is it hot there? See any wildlife? Be careful Sweetie! Love you. ChaCha xox


    • tenbuscz says:

      60’s-Low 70’s. Food is delicious a lot of rice, beans,fresh fruit, and veggies. Best avocado and bananas I have ever had. Yes saw every animal under the sun including rhino,elephant,lions, and hippos. Even saw a leopard!


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