Where Does the Time Go?

It seems like just yesterday I was applying for this program. I never pictured myself studying abroad until I heard about this trip and knew people that had attended this and loved every second. I knew I had to become apart of it. Now, there’s a week til we leave. Actually I will have already arrived in Detroit and be ready to head to Amsterdam and lots of thoughts are going through my head.

As much as I am soooo excited about being there and having an experience of a lifetime I am most likely just as nervous. There’s always a fear of going somewhere and not knowing how the outcomes will be. When I get nervous, I think of all of the new things I am going to get to experience: being out of the United States, being in Tanzania, being able to teach in their school, being able to volunteer at an orphanage, safari, and so much more. It honestly seems crazy to me that the time is almost here. I am actually currently organizing and re-packing my suitcase and making a last minute list of things I need/want. The nerves will subside, and I’ll get to come back and share my experience will all of the people I care about.

I know this trip is busy and I have a strong feeling it is going to go by so my faster than I think. I can’t wait to take in every moment! Who knows when I will ever get another opportunity like this, so glad I took advantage of it!



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