About to Leave

It is crazy to think in just a couple of days I will be leaving the U.S. and finding myself arriving in Arusha, Tanzania. I’m both excited and nervous. I’ve began packing and purchasing what little I had left to and it still feels like there must be things I’m going to forget. It’s not often that you pack to go on a month long trip. There’s just so much to keep in mind. I also keep rearranging how I’m packing things, cause I really want to make sure it all fits nicely and that it’s semi-organized so when I get there I can find everything. I’m kind of looking forward to the flight, despite it being so long. I figure it’ll give me time to relax after all the packing and saying goodbyes to my family and friends.

Once there I feel I’m most nervous about the teaching. It’ll be my first major experience teaching a classroom full of children and I’m worried at how I’ll do. I feel prepared though, but know it will be a different and new experience. So I feel like I’m not sure what to bring with me for the classroom and teaching and worried about how much Swahili I’ve learned. I guess I won’t know til I get there. It just seems like there’s a lot to do, even as I’m checking more and more off the checklist. Soon I’ll be there and I really can not wait for the adventure to begin and see what all it has in store.

~Brittany Bordewyk


About Brittany

A strong love for mathematics and the visual arts. Passionate about teaching and helping others. A life-long learner and adventurer.
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