Am I really ready for Tanzania?

I can’t believe that we are leaving for Tanzania in two days. This does not seem real at all. A few days ago my parents had my Bon Voyage dinner party for my family and close friends to come together and pray over me and my safe travels. At the dinner party everyone asked me questions like when I was leaving and it felt weird to say “Friday” instead of just saying “May 1st” and feeling like it was so far away because now it’s this week. I was also asked questions about how I was feeling about the trip and if I was excited/nervous. The only answer I could give them once I thought about it was, “I am equally as exited as I am nervous, so right now I just feel numb to it all.” However, that was how I felt on Sunday (April 26th) now it’s Wednesday (April 29th) and now … I feel the butterflies.

Last night, I packed up all of my supplies that my friends and family members donated for me to take to my school placement in Tanzania. This got me so excited to go through all of the amazing things that I will be able to use with my students and the gifts that I will be able to leave with them and the teachers. This also was the reality check that I really am leaving for Tanzania in only two days. I think that I am probably most nervous about the airplane flights because for one I have never been on a plane for more than three hours and the big thing is that I have never been on a plane alone/without my family. I am thinking and hoping that once we are on the plane and we arrive in Tanzania most of my butterflies will go away.

On a more positive note, I am most excited about going to the orphanage and the safari. I have looked up so many videos about the orphanage and people whoo have gone on the safari and that is going to be an outstanding experience. I also can’t wait to work with my primary class students. I know that there is a lot that I can offer them and teach them but I already know that they are going to teach me so much more than I could ever teach them in this one month experience. 🙂

~Fawn Terry

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