It still doesn’t feel real yet…?

I’m not sure if it has really hit me that I’m going to Tanzania. I find that a little concerning; considering we leave in three days. I’ve heard that it doesn’t seem completely real until you’re on the plane, so it is comforting to know that others have felt this way upon departure as well.

As I pack my belongings I am starting to think of every possible situation and trying to plan for everything, but I realize that I need to spend more time preparing my heart and mind for the trip. Packing is the easy part, preparing mentally is more challenging. To prepare I’m trying to remind myself constantly that Tanzania has so much to teach me, however, in order to learn I must have an open mind and heart. I’m also thinking about how I need to attend to others before myself on this trip.

A goal of mine is so have a positive attitude all the time, and smile and laugh as frequently as possible. I know that even if I am not sure exactly how to teach something, if the kids in my class have fun and learn something from me, all will be well. With the excitement I feel regarding this learning and teaching experience, I know that my goal will be easy to achieve.

T-minus three days!

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