Ready or Not!

Final Exams, moving out of my apartment, my grandparents coming to visit, doctors appointments, final shopping trips, and attempting to spend time with my family…. are just a few reasons why I think that when my countdown app went off this afternoon, reminding me that we have just 2 days until we depart for Tanzania, I went into a slight panic mode. Do I have everything? What if I forget something? How am I going to get everything done between now and the time we leave? I have taken over our living room with attempt to pack, and fingers crossed I have everything that I could potentially need.

For the past few weeks, friends and family have been asking me: “Are you nervous?”, “Are you excited?”, “Are you all packed and ready to go?”.  I honestly haven’t had an answer besides, “No, I’m not even close to being packed.”.  I’m ready for this great adventure we are about to embark on, and feel privileged to have this opportunity, but I  don’t think that the reality of it has hit me yet. It is going to be hard for me to say goodbye to my family for a month, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So, ready or not… here we go!


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