Two days. Six Hours. 12 minutes. 45 seconds.

Destination: Arusha, Tanzania

Purpose: Teach Elementary Education

Depart: Friday, May 1, 2015 at 6:00pm

The countdown continues as I type away. As every second gets smaller and every minute ticks down, I am getting even more excited to take off on this adventure. Over the last few days, I have been gathering all the materials, clothes, teaching supplies, etc. I have finally gathered it all (I believe). Except for my bug spray that I have to pick up today but the rest is all laid out ready to be squeezed into by big, black, rolling suitcase.

As I have been preparing for this adventure, I have been thinking about all that I am going to do and that I get to experience while I am abroad.  However, as I talk with family, friends, etc. they are all eager to ask are you excited? How nervous are you?  As I receive these questions, I have been thinking about how I am really feeling and surprisingly, I have not been nervous at all. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to touch the lives of students that I never dreamed I would be able to impact through teaching. To me this experience will be one I will never forget and regardless of my feelings I am embarking on a journey that only a select group of people get to experience. I would rather embrace every part of the trip, the people, the culture, the schools, and the beauty of the environment will be surrounded by. The nerves, the anxiety, the scared feelings are all tucked away somewhere in my head where they cannot be tapped into to. Pushing those emotions aside, is going to allow me to experience every aspect of the adventure!

So as I sit here reflecting on all that I have been thinking about as I get ready for the trip, I am very eager to depart, fly, and land in another country where I can hopefully make a positive impact as well as experience all that Tanzania has to offer. The seven hour time difference is going to take some getting used to as my dad has told me your body will be out of sorts for a few days as it adjust but that is the least of my worries for now.

Mpaka ijayo saa,

(Until next time, )

Alyssa Wesley

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