Getting Ready

I cannot believe we are a mere day and a half from leaving. Between finishing up the semester and getting ready for this trip, it’s amazing how fast time has flown. I had been itching to pack ever since I knew I was accepted to this program (so, many months), yet now that our departure is nearly a day away, I still have so much to do! Everyone that I have talked to so far has been asking “ Are you nervous?” “What will it be like?” “Are you ready?” and I know that everyone else on this trip has been asked the same. “Yes, I am nervous”. “I’m not entirely sure what is in store for us”. “I’m ready… I think”. I have all the pre-departure butterflies, like what if I forget my toothbrush? Am I bringing enough stuff, or too much? What exactly will my experiences be like? I cannot focus too much on the small things though. I just have to stick to my packing list and hope I don’t forget anything last minute!

Besides just the things I need to pack, I also have been thinking a lot about our teaching experience and how amazing that will be! I’m excited for the hands on experience that we will have, such as teaching in the Tanzanian school system, lesson planning with one another, and just getting to know the students. I am excited to expand my horizons and see what Tanzania has to offer, and what I have to offer. This is a once in a life time opportunity that I am so thankful to have. The upcoming month will be a wonderful chance for me to strengthen my teaching skills, explore a beautiful country and experience many new things. I cannot wait to finally get to Tanzania and do what we have been talking about in our meetings. Now that our departure date is so near, it is becoming so much more real.

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