Getting Ready!

Honestly I can’t believe it is a day away from departure. Where has time gone? In preparation for this experience I did many things, most of which include shopping and packing. The first preparations started over Christmas break when I talked to my doctor about my Malaria medication. Over the past three months I began thinking about things I would need and with the help of our packing list, came up with a list of my own and began to check off things as I got them. I thought I would be able to pack everything into a checked bag and one carry on. Not so much. The area we are going to won’t have much access to school supplies for us to teach with so we were told to pack our own! Some of which included chalk, chalkboard erasers, pencils, stickers (my favorite to pick out), construction paper, and much more!

Just from the things we have been told I know this experience will change my life forever. I am prepared for the culture shock and I am excited for it. People have asked me if I am scared and I can honestly say I am not (except the unknown of teaching things I have no idea about; but that is more of anxious feeling). I love adventure and new challenges. I am especially excited to teach these students who have grown up in a different culture. I think they will teach me more than I will teach them. That, I feel, is the reason for this study abroad trip.

Shannon Blood

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