Getting Ready For Tanzania

It still has not sank in that I am really going to Tanzania! I just cannot believe that I am actually going to be in Africa for a month and get the opportunity to teach. I have heard so many times that it is nothing that I could even imagine and that it will be an experience of a lifetime. I just cannot wait to actually live that experience.

Of course I am the person that has been shopping little by little all semester but has waited for all the important stuff until the last minute! I am horrible at doing that but I finally feel ready to go. The amount of teaching supplies I have bought is a bit ridiculous. I took my Mom to Walmart with me to shop for supplies and we went a little bit crazy and then she just came home tonight with more stuff from an actual teaching store. I now have 24 pads of stickers… I mean what is someone supposed to do with 24 pads of stickers! I have items from construction paper and markers to manipulatives, name strips, and academic card games. I am basically bringing a mobile classroom with me and have anything you could think of that you may need. This is exciting though and I feel so happy that I am able to provide my future students with so much as well as donate it all to the school before I leave.

My clothes have also been accumulating little by little, but I feel prepared and satisfied with what I am bringing. I am the type of person that always over packs for a weekend trip home and I have never packed a bag for a month long so it was hard for me to decide what I really needed. However, with the packing list provided and the help of a few people going on the trip, I feel like I have just what I need. I think the biggest worry I had with clothing was making sure I brought stuff that would not offend the culture and were appropriate for the activities we will be doing. Shoes also was a big dilemma for me although I did find very comfortable shoes due to the large amounts of walking we will be doing!

Our departure date is getting so close and I am both happy and nervous. I have so many ideas of what the experience could be like and I cannot wait to just begin this trip.


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