Thoughts before Tanzania

I remember sitting in one of my math education classes and two Grand Valley students came to visit our classroom to give a short presentation on their trip to Tanzania that past year.  The presentation was less than 5 minutes but in that time I knew this was a program and opportunity that I needed to be a part of.  I immediately began researching the program and found out all the information I could on the trip.  As I began to research I realized that I had to go on this trip.  I have finally hit  my senior year at Grand Valley and now have the opportunity to go and I could not be more excited.  It seems like just yesterday I found out about the program, applied, and got accepted.

Being an education major I feel it is important to gain as much experience as possible before I begin teaching and even during so this trip will definitely do just that.  In the U.S I feel many of us take education for-granted and in a country like Tanzania the students will show up to class even when the teacher is not there.  This just shows how eager and excited they are to learn. I am looking forward to showing up at the school at teaching whatever is asked of me.  Usually I like to be prepared and set for a lesson but I think this experience will show me how to make it work even when I don’t have a detailed lesson plan.

Of course I have a few nerves going into this trip, the food will be very different and to me this is going to be one of the biggest challenges.  Also I love to work out everyday so not being able to everyday may be a struggle.  But to help with these challenges I just remember how long I have looked forward to this trip and how l much I am going to grow as a person and a future educator.  This trip means more to me than I can even express and the fact that I get to do this along with about 20 other Grand Valley students is beyond amazing!

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