First Impressions

I arrived Sunday night May 3rd feeling more zombie like then a human. However I was also riding a wave of excitement coming to such a new place. The plane ride was long but not as bad as I expected. I think the worst and weirdest part of it was on the 8 hour flight (Detroit to Amsterdam) I remember seeing the sun set and soon after the sun was rising because of the seven hours we gained. To add on to that weird feeling I also watched the movie interstellar on my way to Amsterdam. Those who have seen it know what I am talking about. I maybe slept ten minutes on this flight. The next flight from Amsterdam to Arusha went by a lot faster mostly because I was finally  able to fall asleep. I had no idea what to expect. The first thing I did notice though was how green and lush this new place was to me. The air smelled so clean. The road to Arusha was very bumpy and busy filled with cars, buses, and motor cycles. The whole country side seemed to be alive that night. When we arrived at the Outpost we had a light snack and soon after went to bed. My first day of school was a little anticlimactic. We walked to school with our guide Dony our first day, prepared to teach anything. Flexibility is a key when teaching here. When we got there we were told to wait ten minutes by a woman at the front desk. I heard the woman say the word “kesho, kesho,kesho”  several times to our guide Dony. I knew kesho in Swahili means tomorrow, so things weren’t looking up. It turns out we were not supposed to be there that day. We were supposed to be there tomorrow. Assumption Primary (Catholic  School) collections tuition every term. The day we got there was the start of a new term and a number of students had not paid yet, so they in turn said they needed us to come back tomorrow when everything was in order. Tuesday was a new day! We walked to school that morning knowing we were going to have a lesson to teach. The first lesson I taught was for a class called ICT (Information Communications and Technology). The lesson was for a standard 2 (second grade) class, the topic was mobile phone usage. I found it interesting that something so simple that I use every day is taught so in depth. I can’t even conceptualize not knowing how to use a cell phone. I had mix feelings about it because I rely so heavily on my phone that I think it’s sad sometimes how addicting it can be. I felt good about my first lesson. The students were very welcoming. I found what worked best for my first lesson was to use real world examples or analogies. I first asked the students what do they wear when they are cold? “Coat.” A coat is similar to a phone cover. A coat protects you from the elements, phone cover protects a phone. A phone battery is the life force of the phone or heart. The phone charger would be a bed, people recharge for sleep in bed. Kwa Heri

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  1. Jim Tenbusch says:

    Nice Zachary Love you!


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