Simbas, twigas and tembos. Oh my!

The past four days have been incredible! I had the opportunity to experience by first Safari in Serengeti National Park and also Ngorongoro Crater. It is so hard to explain and put into words everything I saw and also experienced this weekend. I got to witness the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen and so many amazing animals in their natural habitat. I was in awe the entire weekend. I loved looking out and just watching the animals and looking at the scenery.  Sunsets in West Michigan and seeing animals at the zoo do not even compare. Here are some pictures of some of the most surreal scenery I have ever seen!image


Saturday, Sunday, and Monday we spent the day driving around the Serengeti in our Safari jeeps exploring and spotting out all the different animals. There was about 7 of us in each jeep and it was awesome because we could pop open the top to make it easier to see the animals! We saw elephants, giraffes, lions, wildbeasts, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, birds, monkeys, warthogs, and so much more! It was awesome how close we could get to the animals! We got to see a family of elephants right in front of us playing in the mud, eating, and even crossing the road! We got to see a migration of millions of wildbeast and zebras heading North which was insane! It was so cool to see animals interacting with each other in the wild and how they live in places other than the zoo.

On Monday afternoon we drove to Ngorongoro Crater and stayed there for the night. When I walked out onto my balcony at our hotel and looked down over the Crater I got goosebumps. The view was absolutely incredible. When we drove into the Crater this morning we got to see flamingos and also rhinos, which were two animals that we did not get to see in the Serengeti.

Getting to join in on a Maasai dance last night was such an adventure. The Maasai tribe is one of the biggest tribes in Tanzania and also one of the only tribes who still practice their traditional culture. They are so unique in they way that they live their life and the way they embrace their culture. Last night before dinner they did a traditional Maasai dance at our hotel and they allowed a few of us to go up and do it with them. It was definitely an adventure going up and doing it with them!

The things I saw and experienced the past four days are things that I am going to remember for a lifetime. Everything I saw was so surreal.



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