Four day later, countless numbers of animals and memories that will last a life time. Over the last four days, we have been roaming the Serengeti and Angora-gora crater in search of animals of all sizes and shapes.  Starting off on Saturday morning bright and early, we loaded the safari vans heading west. Spending about four hours driving to the Serengeti, the whole ride was an adventure in itself. Seeing Masi tribe members herding their animals in the distance, people walking the streets and then finally our first animal which was the baboons on the side of the road and this was just the start.

After we reached the top of the crater and had lunch approximately 100 yards away from an elephant, we loaded back up in our cars and continued on to the Serengeti. Seeing animals in the wild and the untouched beauty of the world, it was unbelievable. Breathing in the crisp, fresh air, looking into the never ending distance and finally realizing where we were and what we were doing, it is truly an experience I will never forget. When we finally reached the entrance into the Serengeti, there were zebras and wildebeest everywhere! One of our drivers said there were about 3 million wildebeest there and I can tell you I would agree because they were everywhere in mass herds that looked like went on forever. While we were there, the great migration North was starting for many of the animals. We drove into the center of a massive heard of zebras and wildebeest and just watched as together they all walked in a pack North while we were parked in the middle of them. The number of zebras and wildebeest was uncountable as we started off into the horizon to only see more and more of them walking North.

However, I could go on and on about every little detail we experiences and encountered but thinking back to the last four days, seeing all the animals in person, untamed and so close, is surreal. Every day that we went out exploring the Serengeti or the crater, it was all new. The untouched natural beauty of the world is something that words cannot describe and now are just vivid memories I can recall in my head. Over the last four days, I took almost one thousands pictures and countless videos to try and capture what I was seeing and experiencing. Honestly though, they do not come close to what it was like to really be there.

Now, back home at The Outpost, I have dumped all my photos on my computer and have gone through them all again trying to relieve everything I just saw.  I just keep thinking back to how close the animals were, how beautiful it was to see the sunrise and the bright blues, greens and yellow colors of the landscape. I will always hold this experience close to my heart, and will never forget the feeling of standing up in the safari car, wind in my hair, driving into the distance with zebras, elephants, monkeys, giraffes and many other animals peacefully living all around me. If words could describe my thoughts I could continue, but this was truly an adventure that I am blessed to have gone on and wish that everyone could have experienced what I just did.

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