Safari was awesome!! Once we were close to approaching the Serengeti National Park we were driving through the mountains and I couldn’t even believe the view. There were so many trees and plant life it resembled a jungle. The drive up and down the mountain was a little scary with the turns and the driver’s confidence to go faster than I probably would. Although the view was breathtaking. Even though I have seen many of the animals we were about to see in the park in a zoo the thought of seeing them in the wild was exciting and felt like a whole new experience. As we got closer and closer to the Serengeti National park we began to see more animals such as a family of baboons and the anticipation for our adventure rose even more.

While inside the Serengeti National Park we saw so many animals such as zebras, wildebeest, lions, giraffes, elephants, warthogs, and hyenas. At first we were so excited to see all the zebras and wildebeest especially because their migration to Kenya was occurring so we would come upon large mass amounts of the animals all in groups and lines for miles. It was quite a site to see. A couple of my most favorite parts were when we saw the family of elephants playing in the mud pit; there were two baby elephants about one and half months old and they were so adorable. I also loved when we saw the two adult male lions on the side of the mountain; while we were leaving the Ngorngoro Crater a lion walked in front of our vehicle and then there was one on the side of the mountain about ten feet away from us. The best part about the safari for me was the fact that the animals were so close to our vehicles; it was an experience you can never get anywhere else.

The resorts we stayed at were amazing!! The first one was really cool because we stayed in these little huts and in our backyard there was a water buffalo grazing and other little animals running around. We had a great view of the mountains behind our room. Probably my favorite part was the mass amount of food offered and the hot showers. The resorts were so pretty; at the second resort on the crater rim there was a traditional Maasi dance and they let some of us join in and try the dance which was cool. Another great part of the trip was the guides. They were so knowledgeable on the animals and people of the land. It was interesting to listen to them and learn from them. They were very good at finding the animals and making the trip enjoyable for us. Overall the trip was awesome and I will never forget it.

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  1. tenbuscz says:

    I love the creativity of your title


  2. tenbuscz says:

    You didn’t mention the pandas we saw


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