Serengeti to Ngorongoro (Megan Quilitzsch)

Saturday morning we loaded up the safari jeeps and headed out bright and early for Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park.  We left at 8am and reached Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge around 5:30pm.

Before we entered the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, near Manyara National Park, we ran into some Baboons.

MQ1                 MQ2

Along the way we stopped at the overlook of Ngorongoro Crater, and talked to some Masai children.


The Masai are one of the largest tribes in Tanzania. Many live along the ridges of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. They are usually dressed in bright colored cloths with many different beaded necklaces and earrings. The women of the Masai are the “bread winners”; they build the houses and do a large majority of the hard work. The men of Masai tribe spend their days out in the field herding cattle and goats. Some of the Masai take their herds down into the crater during the dry season to find water.

MQ4 The Serengeti in Tanzania is known for the “Big Five”. The Big Five includes:









Cape buffalo


Along the way we also saw a:







…just to name a few!

While we were in the Serengeti we stayed at an amazing hotel called the Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge. The hotel is located in the middle of the Serengeti, which means that rooms overlooked the Serengeti. The hotel had a wonderful pool (overlooking the Serengeti)


and an overlook. The hotel rooms that we stayed in were designed to resemble Maasai huts.


The food was great, and the staff was amazing! Definitely one of the best hotels I’ve ever been to!

** We had to be escorted by security to our rooms after dark to prevent an animal attack! How cool is that!! **

We went out into the Serengeti all day Sunday and part of Monday. Monday afternoon we headed to the Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge. We spent one night there, and headed out into the crater early in the morning on Tuesday. While we were in the crater we saw: flamingos, elephants, gazelles, lions, and a rhino! The Ngorongoro Crater was absolutely amazing!

This weekend was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much about the animals that live in the Serengeti National Park, and the life and traditions of the Masai people. Our safari drivers were very knowledgeable, and so fun to hang out with for 4 days! To try and explain how awesome this is experience was is pretty much impossible… there are no words to describe it.


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