First Day Back – Kylie Jones

Today was the first day back at the school after the long safari trip and the way the students reacted and greeted me really showed how much I was missed.  As soon and I walked into the gates of my school I was surrounded by students asking how our safari was and explaining how much they missed us.  I was excited to get into my 4th grade classroom so I could show them pictures and begin with the lesson I had prepared.  So when I got in my classroom my class asked me questions about the safari and I asked if they wanted to see pictures in which they immediately answered yes so I began showing them pictures and then we began the math lesson.

The math lesson I had planned involved conversions and I wanted the students to do a lot of review so we did many practice problems.  And in my lesson plan I wanted the students to write down a story problem so they could relate conversion to real life and make those connections.  But I am struggling I feel with the balance of activities and lecture in my class.  I feel that many of the teachers lecture and I just have many ideas of using group work and activities to strengthen their understanding and the students just are not at all responsive to that.

I have a blast teaching every day and I love working with the different teachers at Prime primary.  Today we were able to talk to the teachers about why they went into teaching, their families, and presidential elections.  It is amazing how much they actually care to learn all about us as well, today not only the students but the teachers were very welcoming as well asking us all sorts of questions about Safari.  I feel at this school there is a sense of community and trust and it makes me feel good to know I can find friends through each of the teachers and even the students there.

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