First Week Back at School

So this is the first week back to school from our safari trip and it has been great so far! My teachers definitely missed me and they were all excited to see me which made me happy. It really made me feel like I was valued as a teacher at Prime. My students seemed happy as well; however my 8th graders seemed way more enthusiastic than my 10th graders which is understandable I guess since they are older.

The biggest issue while being back is trying to coordinate with the teachers that taught my classes the days I was gone. I needed to know what they taught and what homework they gave my students, but it was hard to track them down so I had to resort talking to my students and looking through their notes to find the information I needed. It turns out that looking through their notes was the best thing I could have done because I realized that most students had notes that were incomplete so this gave me an opportunity to review some concepts with them. I was really glad to see that my 8th graders were more open about any misconceptions that they had; after visiting their classroom on Wednesday (I wasn’t scheduled to teach them until Thursday) they said they needed help on solving linear equations graphically because they did not really understand their homework. This made me feel great because the first week I taught these students they were so quiet that I wasn’t sure whether they understood my accent or not.

Lastly, I can say that this week has also been great because today I finally got to know my 8th graders a bit better; I taught their civics class when a teacher did not show up. Although I am not an expert on civics I asked them what they learned previously and went from there. We talked about their responsibilities as students and as children in the school and we also discussed why education was important. It was great to hear them talk about why education was important and why they valued education!

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