Back to School

Having this break from school gave me the opportunity to evaluate my performance in the classroom. I learned what classroom management styles to use with my standard two students. On the first day of school I found myself with no teacher and a classroom of 28 students, having no prior knowledge of this classroom’s organization, I struggled immensely with classroom management. I attempted to simply ask them to sit and pay attention to the lesson which I had created on the spot, but that did not work. I went back to the lodge feeling defeated, but with the help of my professor and classmates I decided to use stickers as rewards. I went in the next day confident that the stickers would do the trick and they did. My loud unfocused students became quiet attentive students, thanks to stickers. I felt that I had accomplished the impossible. As the week ended I became worried that the sticker reward would only work for a short period of time but I soon found that this was not the case.

On the Wednesday that I returned I was greeted with hugs and kisses from my students. I felt so appreciated and loved reminding me why I love teaching. I do it for the students, for their future and the hope that I can contribute to their understanding of the world. Although I continued to have numerous behavior problems I am able to somewhat control them. Being greeted warmly gave me the false hope that they would be angels for the rest of my time but of course I was wrong. I spent most of the day attempting to quiet them down and refocus them on the lesson. The stickers worked great but I did not want to use stickers every time they acted up so instead I tried talking to them, which worked but only for a couple of minutes. Towards the end of the week I simply came to the realization that no matter what I did they were not going to listen to me, since the consequences of their behavior were very limited.

During my two weeks here I have learned that classroom management takes an immense amount of patience, I have tried numerous strategies such as having them put their head on the table, moving seats, time outs, kicking them out the classroom and so many more. Yet I have yet to find one that truly works, for the remaining days at Prime I plan on trying many more and hope that I can find one that works with my students. Overall I have learned so much and have been given the opportunity to try new things free of consequences.

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