Saturdat we climbed Kilimanjaro (well at least part of it), we were supposed to leave at 7:30 but the coasta didn’t show up until almost 8. Then we headed out to the mountain, Lisa said the drive was a little over an hour but it ended up being morelike 2 and a half hours. This wouldn’t have been a big deal but we had to be off the mountain by 6 and it was supposed to take us about 3 hours up and 3 hours down. Plus once we got there we all had to go to the bathroom, pack our lunches in our backpacks, sign
in, and get ready to go. Another issue was that it was raining, soooo many of us started out with rain jackets and ponchos on.

We started our climb at around 11:45, so we were afraid that we might be cutting it a little
close. The way up was VERY intense, so much harder than I expected. There was many 2 
groups, one that were ok with climbing and moving fast, and then the rest of us, all those who were huffing and puffing. Megan was having a lot of trouble breathing so we kept a nice slow pace and stopped frequently, but I was still dying. Many times I had to remind myself that I would regret it if I turned around without making it to the first hut and to just
keep going. I got very hot as we were climbing because I was practically wearing a garbage bag. I ended up just tying the poncho around my backpack and then taking off my rain jacket. So in the end I was just in my t-shirt, which was soaked very quickly, with I want to say rainwater but most of it was probably sweat. Eventually in just under 3 hours we made it to the hut!

At the hut we had lunch, it was just like the lunch we had with safari makers last weekend. We spent a little time up there, eating, sitting, and just regaining our strength. I was surprised at how many huts where up there, and by huts I mean A frames. They reminded me very much of the ones we used to sleep in at Girl Scout camp just smaller. There was a bathroom there, well a choo, so that was nice; even though I sweat out most the water I was drinking. Which sucked was that it was so cold and I couldn’t put my jacket back on because it was soaked through. Eventually we got up the courage to start back down, we decided not to go up to the look out because it was foggy and cloudy and we didn’t think we
would see anything.

The way back down was a completely different story, we were all happy, breathing well, and finally enjoying the scenery. On the way up we had just been struggling so much that we didn’t really stop to look around. We got to see all the beautiful trees and waterfalls. We didn’t see any animals, unless you count ants, we say MILLIONS of those. Then after only 2 hours we made it to the bottom and back onto the bus for our long ride home. My only problem with the whole thing was that it just looked like we were in the jungle. There was not breath taking view from above and we couldn’t even really see the mountain as we drove up because it was so foggy and cloudy. Kiley even made a joke that they could have
just dropped us off in the middle of the jungle and said it was Mount Kilimanjaro. But I keep telling myself to just be happy that I got the opportunity to do such an amazing thing and get over how much my body hurts. 

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