Back to School

After a long, incredible weekend on Safari, getting back into the swing of reality on Wednesday was a little tough. However, as soon as I stepped in my first class of the day at Prime Primary School, I was happy to be back. The kids were so happy to see all of us; they missed us so much on Monday and Tuesday! It’s crazy how quickly the kids become attached to us and we become attached to the kids. I’ve only taught in Standard 1 (1st Grade) and Standard 5 (5th Grade) but I would say that most of the kids at the school know my name even though I’ve never been their teacher. It’s an amazing feeling walking into the gates of Prime and having all the kids greet us by name and with hugs; it makes me feel so welcome and appreciated.

During our first week at school I was placed in the Standard 1 classroom at Prime. Things weren’t working out super well in that classroom for multiple reasons so I switched into the Standard 5 classroom on Friday of that first week. Long story short, this past week was really my first week with this new class of 5th graders; I’ve already fallen in love with them! One thing that was tough about being in the Standard 1 classroom was that because they are just learning, their English isn’t very good yet and they had a hard time understanding me. However, the kids in Standard 5 speak great English and have no problem understanding me, automatically making it a better experience. They are also really well behaved but a fun group at the same time. They love to laugh by know and understand when it’s time to learn. This is my first time teaching in an upper elementary classroom and I must say, I like it a lot more than I thought I would.

The second week of school, even though it was so short, was better than the first and I imagine this coming week is only going to get better as well. I’m excited to continue to get to know my students as well as pop in some other classrooms and see where else I can make an impact. That’s the great thing about teaching in Africa; the teachers are very relaxed and welcome us into their classrooms with open arms at any time. They truly appreciate what we can bring to the table, even though we are still students ourselves.

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