Climbing Kilimanjaro

Yesterday I climbed Kilimanjaro! It was definitely harder then everyone implied! We started at Marangu Gate which is about a two and half hour drive from the Outpost. It was about a three hour climb and it rained the entire time. The path was mostly rocky and muddy and it got pretty slippery at some points. The worst part was the fire ants that bit my ankles.

It’s extremely rewarding to say that I made it to the Mandara Hut of Kilimanjaro (for a day climb you’re only allowed to go this far). It was a total of about 13 miles or 8 kilometers of hiking. Since it was cloudy and raining, there really wasn’t any view at all. Besides what was beneath my feet and around me, I never actually saw Mount Kilimanjaro.

The climb down was much easier and we didn’t stop nearly as much as on the way up. Everything on me and everything in my backpack was, and still is, wet. Everything hurts.

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