Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was a really challenging hike for me. We climbed 13.7 miles in five hours and twenty-seven minutes. I think it was honestly one of the most difficult things I have done, and it also was not at all what I expected. This is the type of activity that my dad would make me do that I would never choose to do on my own. For some reason unknown to me, I was climbing in the first group. The whole time I was planning on being in the last group because I actually hate physical activity, but it worked out well for me because we got done quicker.

It was really beautiful when I was able to look up from the ground! It reminded me a lot of the Jungle Book because there was so much green on the trees and it was beautiful. I had to really focus on where I was stepping because there was a crazy amount of mud, rocks, steps, slippery bridges, ant piles. I didn’t really talk a lot during the climb because I had to pay attention. Our guide was Peter and he was really quick. We basically ran back down the mountain, which helped because then you didn’t slip. I was lucky enough that I didn’t fall, others didn’t fare as well.

I was almost happy that it was raining. That way it wasn’t completely obvious that I was sweating a disgusting amount! The rain made it slippery, but if it was sunny out I would have melted I think. I would say that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was a once in a lifetime experience because once is probably enough for me. It really was a beautiful mountain and I’ve never been challenged as hard as I was during the climb. I am so thankful for the opportunity to climb, regardless of everything. This is a beautiful country and the experiences I’m having here are ones that I’m finding difficult to explain. There truly is nothing comparable to many of the things we’ve done here. Even though I know this post isn’t full of praise for our trek, Kilimanjaro was really awesome and I’m glad I did it.


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  1. tenbuscz says:

    So proud of you Boo


  2. mccainmo says:



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