Science in Tanzania: One

During my first week and a half of teaching in Tanzania, I taught a lot of English, but I wasn’t able to teach a lot of Science. One day when a teacher was absent I was able to teach a 3rd grade science lesson on what an experiment is. Instead of doing the usual “chalk and talk” style of lesson, I led the students through an investigation that they chose. It was fun to see the students do something that they had never done before.

The 6th grade science teacher that I work with is an amazing teacher. He doesn’t always do  hands on activities, but he makes sure that students are always giving input and are understanding the content. I have been able to teach three lessons on adaptations and habitats with my 6th graders and I hope to plan and teach two more lessons this week. I love my 6th graders and they are really good about being on task and participating.

Since I wasn’t teaching a lot (especially science) at the primary school, I started teaching science at the secondary school this week. Today I taught chemistry for Form I (about 8th grade level) and physics for Form II (about 8th or 9th grade level) and tomorrow I will be teaching biology for Form II. I haven’t taken any of these classes in several years and it was a little difficult planning the lessons! The students are great though and they made teaching very easy and fun!

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