Back to School (Katie Cullimore)

Tanzania has been such an amazing experience for me. I have met so manyKC1 interesting people and learned so many new things. I am at Meru International School in Arusha, Tanzania and have had quite an experience there. All the students and teachers there are so friendly and welcoming. I enjoy being at the school and seeing all the different people. I have learned so much more Swahili and also a lot about the many different cultures that are incorporated in the school.

At the beginning of my teaching experience I observed a lot of my different teachers and really got to experience what the classrooms and schools look like in Tanzania, specifically an international school. I have not taught as much as I would have hoped, but have learned so much from all of the teachers and students from just watching how their classrooms work. Classroom management is something that I have always been worried about in my future classroom, so teaching at Meru has allowed me to experiment with different methods that I could potentially use in the future. I also have learned new ways of teaching and have had the chance the teach subjects and grades that I am not typically used to teaching. I have been thrown in a class where I did not know what I was teaching until I saw their textbooks and it has really shown me what I am truly capable of as a teacher. I always thought I was a person that would do better if I had more time to prepare for a lesson and review on what to teach. However, teaching in Tanzania has given me the opportunity to see what I can do when just thrown in a classroom. It has shown me how ready I am for teaching and the things that I still need to learn and practice to become a better teacher.

The whole experience so far has made my career choice even more real to me and I am so excited to see what the future holds for me and use everything I have learned here! My eyes have truly been open to the many different cultures that are around me. I have such a better understanding of the Tanzanian culture and hope to use my experience in a way that will benefit teaching my future students. I have made so many new friends here and have had an experience of a lifetime. The things I have seen and opportunities I have experienced will forever be apart of me and I hope to give as much to Tanzania as it has to me!


– Katie

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