I Teach but I Also Learn :)

Being in Tanzania has allowed me to see a new perspective on education. Tanzania has many differences with education and curriculum compared to the United States. But there are similarities with the children and their behavior. Kids are kids. I’ve learned how to be more flexible and patient when I am experiencing a situation outside of my comfort zone. I have also learned many classroom management techniques and have developed more of a confidence for being in front of a classroom. This experience with teaching in Tanzania is going to be very beneficial when I teacher assist in the fall 🙂 I have also learned a lot about the Tanzanian culture. The first thing people ask you on the street is how are you and everyone you pass is willing to say Jambo or Mambo and want to know how you are doing. In America we don’t see that kind of interaction with strangers so it will be different going home and not talking to strangers on the street.

The Tanzanians have given me a new perspective on life. They appreciate everything they have and do not take possessions or worth for granite. I know that when I go back to America I am going to be grateful for all the things I have. Clean running water, paved clean roads, a car to take me places, a structured house, money to have meals everyday, and so much more. I am also going to appreciate the people in my life so much more for supporting me and loving me. My parents are such a big part of how I was able to go on this trip and a big reason as to why I can attend university in America. Students in Tanzania do not always have that option. I can’t not thank them enough.

To summarize, I have learned that being open to other perspectives is rewarding to see new things and experiences. I do not think I would of had the same experience if I didn’t open myself beyond my comfort zone. I can’t believe we leave in 6 days. When we first got here it seemed that time was going so slow and now we are at the 21st and it went so fast. Can’t wait to share my experience with every one back home.

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