What I’ve Learned So Far

What I’ve Learned So Far

            I’ve learned that Tanzanian people are the best people. Let me list the reasons why:

  1. “You are welcome” is the phrase most frequently said to strangers.
  2. Even if you butcher every single word of Swahili, they still smile and appreciate your effort.
  3. They are concerned about you. They genuinely want to know how you are, and how your parents are…and how your goats are… J
  4. They are happy. Even the poorest of the poor are thankful for what they have and find a reason to smile.
  5. They find time to relax and enjoy life. There is so much less stress because people refuse to stress themselves out. Hamna shida.

Tanzanians have life figured out. Life should be enjoyable. We shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Life is short. Enjoy it.

I’ve learned that there is no need have to have life figured out. In the United States I’ve felt like I needed every detail of every second of my life planned out. At Tetra sometimes I walk into class and there is no teacher, so I ask the students what subject I’m teaching as start teaching. There is no planning involved. Being flexible in every situation is something that I’ve tried very hard to embrace while I have been here.

The last thing I’ve learned I learned from my students. Never again will I say, “I am bored.” There is never any reason to be bored. You can have fun in any situation. In a room surrounded with four white walls and one chalkboard we have had so much fun, the kind of fun kids in America have forgotten how to have. Life is full of adventure, and Tanzania has taught me that it is at your fingertips as long as you keep reaching.

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