Mama Anna’s Weekend!

This weekend we spent our time at Arusha National Park and at Mama Anna’s house. We did a walking safari through the park but we didn’t see much animals. We did go to a really cool waterfall though and took a ton of pictures. I have never seen a waterfall like that so I was happy that I got to experience that.  We had lunch in the park and then we went to go see the famous lakes. There were hundreds maybe thousands of pink flamingos in the park. These flamingos were closer to us so it was better than when we saw the flamingos at the Ngorongoro Crater. Then we headed to Mama Anna’s house. She does a cultural tourism program so we got to see more of the Tanzanian culture come to life.

When we  first got to Mama Anna’s house we had a cup of either coffee or tea. Her son Justin told us that when visitors come they are greeted with a drink. I got coffee and it was so good. I haven’t had coffee since I’ve been here but actually today I bought some to take back with me because it was so good. Then we went on a hike of the village. We got to see different plants and learn how they are used in the village. We learned what they use to cure headaches and fevers and peace plants when there is a conflict in the village. We went up to the viewpoint where we could oversee the entire village. We also got to hold a chameleon on our way up that we found on a plant. We returned to the house to have dinner it was traditional Tanzanian food but I thought it was yummy. We had a bonfire after dinner until bed. We were camping out in 2 person tents. We also had to set up our own tent which was interesting since I haven’t set one up in a while. It was quite cozy but we all survived.

We woke up to rain the next day but we had breakfast and got to see the cheese room where Mama Anna makes cheese and we also got to milk a cow and open up a bee hive to get honey out of it. There was a ton of honey in it because they have to wait 6 months before they can open it. The bees that came out were also sting-less. That was good because once we opened it they were flying everywhere. We got to see how they roast coffee as well. We got to dance with the other ladies that work there and put bananas on our head. After lunch we headed back to the outpost and then Lisa took us out for milkshakes. It was a very interesting weekend and I got to see more of the village life of Tanzanians.

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