Engarenarok Tetra Lutheran Primary School

Lutheran Tetra Primary School 5.29

Today I had the opportunity to visit another school here in Arusha. Lutheran Tetra is so different from Arusha Meru! Although Arusha Meru doesn’t have a lot, Lutheran Tetra has less. The students, classrooms, and teachers have very little supplies and the school is much bigger.

The students absolutely love us! Immediately after getting out of the car we were swarmed with students. I had never met any of these students before, yet they all wanted to meet me. I had at least three students holding onto each hand and multiple others holding onto my skirt. All of the students just wanted to be near me. Every time they looked up at me and smiled it melted my heart. This didn’t just happen when we arrived, it happened every time we saw students in the hallway and every time we walked out of a classroom.

There was one teacher who had not shown up that day (actually all week) and so we took over his classes for the day teaching 3rd grade multiplication twice. We also went into a 4th grade class that was supposed to be having “computers.” However, it is hard to teach “computers” when the school has none. Instead, we sang songs and made cards with the students. The students are Tetra Lutheran listen well and are very hard working. It was a pleasure to teach them.

We spent the last half hour outside with the younger students. It was chaos again! All of the students wanted to interact with us. The little ones would hold our hands and skirts and the older ones would kiss our hands and ask us questions. We attempted to play a game with them but it was impossible! At one point we sat down on the ground and were immediately surrounded with students who wanted to touch our hair! If I would have let them, they would have spent all day patting and rubbing my hair, it was so funny!

My day at Lutheran Tetra was completely different from my time spent at Arusha Meru. I loved being able to see the contrast between the two schools, especially the students.

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