Mama Ana’s – Kylie Jones

This weekend we got to see Mama Ana’s home village and how she lives, interacts, and works.  All I knew about Mama Ana’s is that we were going to go camping and go on a walking Safari, but it turned out to be so much more.  When we first left the outpost we were able to go to Arusha National Park and go on a walking Safari.  During this time we saw giraffes, elephants, baboons, buffalo, and zebras up close; it was an amazing experience.  The final stop on the hike was seeing the beautiful waterfall.  It was really neat to see that there among the animals there was a beautiful, large waterfall.  We all made sure to get pictures and stood close enough to where we got a little wet from the mist.

Then after the Safari we started up the bumpy, narrow road to Mama Ana’s home.  I didn’t know exactly what I was expecting it to look like but I know I totally underestimated how beautiful it was.  Immediately when we got there we began unloading and setting up our tents in the back yard area then we were given tea and coffee.  Next we took a small hike up the mountain side to overlook the village area, the view was incredible.  I was just comparing the views from Michigan to the views here and I decided the views from Michigan do not even come close to the views in Tanzania.  The hills and beautiful sceneries are breathtaking.  After this we were able to finish the night with a fantastic dinner homemade by Mama Ana and her help and a bonfire at night.

The next day we were told breakfast at seven thirty, so we all made sure we made it down to the area in which we had dinner the night before and waited for further instruction.  Because of the rain we had to have breakfast inside which was where they served breads, cheese, nuts, tea and coffee.  The food was so great because it was very authentic and you knew it was just made because you could literally watch and see how and where they prepared everything. After this we went to milk a cow, I did not try to do so but everyone who tired said it was a lot harder than it looked.  Then we saw how stingless bees make honey in a log and tried some of the honey.  After we were given a small talking presentation on how they make cheese there.  We finally finished the afternoon off with making our own coffee which is a very hard process but I think we all did a great job.  During this time we sang, danced, and practice balancing bananas on our heads.  It was a great weekend, great experience and something I will never forget!

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