What I Have Learned

IMG_2514The more I think about what I have learned here in Tanzania the more I began to think about the plane ride here. Not knowing what to expect and having preconceived notions about what my experience might be here. But like many preconceived notions or ideas about something my experience here has been different then what I thought it first might be. That’s what makes life so exciting!

What I have really learned from the people here is a sense of genuine kindness. I have never felt more welcomed anywhere in the world. I really noticed this on my walk to school every day. People would be greeting not only us foreigners but be greeting each other as well. Strangers everyday walking down the street asking how each other’s day was going without getting that awkward look that sometimes happens in America (the who the hell are you look).  I was really taken aback how grateful my students were to have me teaching them. They were so happy to have me there instructing them. I wasn’t prepared for that. They really helped me feel comfortable in this new environment. Think about this now it is really going to make me miss my Standard 7’s (Grade 7 Class).

I really learned a lot about myself this trip as well. I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to the other side of the world with twenty people I didn’t know, all women too. If that’s not brave I don’t know what is. All jokes aside. I tried a lot of different things here as well. I learned how to be flexible and write lesson plans on the fly. This will be such a valuable tool especially when I began my career as a teacher in the states. I also learned that I am more opened minded and willing to try new things then I ever thought I was. Heck on our way to the Serengeti for safari I ate cow heart with some local Massi tribesmen in the bush. Its experiences like that I will never forget!

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