Mama Anna’s

Our last excursion of the trip was a visit to the Agape Mulala at Mama Ana’s. Before we got there we experienced a walking safari through Arusha National Park as well as a mini safari drive through the park. During the walking part of the safari we saw cape buffalo and warthogs. We also saw a large waterfall which was beautiful. During the driving portion we say zebras and giraffes and a large lake filled with flamingos. Unfortunately we weren’t able to see the black and white colobus monkey which only lives in the Arusha National Forest. After we were through with the safari it was time to head to Mama Ana’s.


Once we arrived at Mama Ana’s we first needed to set up the tents. Luckily we had some really awesome Safari drivers to help us out. After that was finished we went down to meet Justin, Mama Ana’s son, who told us about the place and the work all the ladies do there. He offered us coffee, tea, and fresh milk from the ladies as a welcoming gift. I tried the tea which was good it had a nice spice to it. We then went on a mini hike around the village up to the view point of the whole village. On the way Justin showed us different plants that are used for medicine and there also was a chameleon that he found so some of us got to hold it which was cool. I had never seen a chameleon in person before so it was interesting to watch it change colors. The view point of the village was beautiful and really awesome to see all the different plants that the villages grow. We headed back and it was time for dinner; the food was really good; it was awesome to eat some absolutely authentic Tanzania food. After dinner we had a camp fire and hung out sharing stories with each other.


On Sunday we woke up and had breakfast. We got to try some of the cheese that the ladies make there and it was very good. Unfortunately on Sunday it was raining so it delayed some of the plans. We didn’t end up going on a short hike around the village but that was okay. We started the day by visiting the cows and few of us had the chance to mild the cows and then they cracked open a log with stingless bees to take the honey out. We tasted the honey and I was surprised how much of an alcoholic taste it had. We got to see where and learn how the ladies make the cheese. It was interesting to hear about all the different types of cheeses they make. After that we hung out a bit to let the rain stop. Our next activity was to learn how they roast coffee and we hung out with the agape women who sang and taught us to dance and carry bananas on our head. That was a lot of fun I actually found it a little easier than I thought it would be. Overall the trip was a great experience and something I will never forget.

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