One of the most memorable experiences I have had here in Tanzania is having the opportunity to spend a weekend with Mama Ana’s family and friends. In just two days I have experienced so much kindness and love from our hosts that I will be eternally grateful for. Being a stranger and never have met Mama Ana’s, she treated me as if she had known me her whole life. Due to their kindness and humbleness I experienced emotions that resemble the love I have for my family. As I read this post out loud I wonder to myself how is it possible to feel this way about people I just met, the longer I think about it the farther and farther I am from understanding it. Mama Ana resembles the true meaning of love, kindness and humbleness; this has given her the opportunity to share her traits with others and provided an opportunity to improve lives. I feel inspired by her character to improve my outlook on life. Every day I have something to complain about yet why should anyone spend time thinking of all the things that could have gone better because at the end of the day what has happened is over and if we spend too much time thinking of the past we miss out on the present. I have learned so much from this women and have been inspired in all aspects of my life that I hope someday I can have a similar impact on people as Mama Ana did on me.

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