The Last Day

Last Day 5.27

Today is my last day in Tanzania.

It’s the last morning I will eat toast and bananas at the Outpost. The last time Joseph will drive us down the bumpy roads to school. The last time Isack will ask me “How are the things?” The last time I will hear my students say their “Good morning Teacher” routine. It’s the last time I will have the most delicious tea and doughnuts of my life. The last time we walk home. The last time Freddy tries to sell us paintings. It’s the last time I will eat at the Blue Heron.

I am going to miss this place so much. It was only four short weeks ago that I was doing these things for the first time and today it is the last time. It has gone by so fast, yet I feel like I’ve been here forever.

Leaving Arusha Meru was so hard. All day long I was holding back tears and once I started crying it was so hard to stop. I get to spend most of the day with my Standard 6 kids which I am so grateful for. They are an amazing group of students and I know that they will succeed in life. I never thought that I would enjoy teaching upper elementary as much as I did. I gave them my address and email and hopefully I will hear from them once I am home.

The teachers are just as amazing as the students and I will also miss them dearly. Even teachers that we had never worked with were sad to see us leave. I learned so much from them I will miss the conversations and interactions that I had with each teacher.

I’m not ready to leave Tanzania. This country and its beautiful people have captured my heart. Going home is going to be so strange and so different.

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