Mama Ana’s

This weekend we went to Arusha National Park for a walking safari and drive through the park. The scenery was beautiful and so refreshing to see all of the beauty that nature has to offer here in Tanzania. Although it was our last weekend and was rather relaxing, I still learned so much more about the country. I also got the chance to learn how the ladies at Mama Ana’s make cheese and coffee. We had the chance to milk a cow, see a chicken defeathered, and watch a beehive be opened, revealing deliciously, sweet honey. Dancing and singing was also performed while the coffee beans were roasting and I really enjoyed myself in the Tanzanian culture. Throughout the singing and dancing we all got the chance to balance bananas on our heads as well. The things we learned and the opportunities that we had with just one night at Mama Ana’s was so life changing.

The whole weekend was such an eye opening experience. Although we have lived in Tanzania for the past month, we have not spent a lot of time in the villages that people live in. This weekend I was able to feel like a true Tanzanian and live a day in the life. The atmosphere was so beautiful and it felt so surreal to experience camping outside at Mulala. The people were all so welcoming and friendly that I truly felt like a part of their community and got a chance to learn a few different things about each of them.

Tanzania has given me so much in the short month that I have been here and I cannot even begin to describe to the degree that it has impacted my life. I have had so many different experiences and opportunities that I never would have though my time here in Tanzania and I can thank Mama Ana’s for also being a big part of that. I will never forget all the people here that I have met. Mama Ana is such an inspirational woman and the work she has done and ideas she has put in motion have definitely made me want to become a better person and encourage others the way she has for me!

– Katie

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