The weekend we spent at Mama Anna’s was probably one of the best weekends that I had while in Tanzania. At Mama Anna’s I learned what plants to use for medicinal purposes, how to make coffee and honey (who knew there was such a thing as stingless bees), and I learned a lot about the Mama Anna’s culture.

What was amazing to me was learning how self sufficient the people were! I mean their village is pretty isolated and yet they managed to learn how to treat medical issues with plants within their village! Additionally, it was amazing to hear Mama Anna’s story. Although she came from a small village and it would have been perfectly acceptable to just be like everyone else and cultivate the land for your own survival, she had a bigger dream for her village and its people and with a lot of hard work and dedication she was able to make it work. With her initiative and the help of plenty of other people a new school will be opened in her village pretty soon and that is just amazing to me!

Lastly, it was amazing how welcoming and loving Mama Anna’s family and the other villagers were. They were so eager and proud to show us a bit of their culture and it was an amazing experience. They loved to dance and sing and wanted us to participate in their dances. I was glad that I finally decided to relax and just dance with them because it was a ton of fun, but lets be honest … they have better dance moves than I do! After dancing with them I was honestly overwhelmed with emotion because they reminded me so much of my own family and I think that’s why I loved being there; they honestly enjoyed having us there and sharing their life with us!

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