Lasting Impressions

When I think about everything I have done in Tanzania it is so hard for me to put into words the lasting impressions it has had on me. I cannot even begin to describe all of the wonderful things I have seen and learned and the many experiences I have had that have changed me as a person. I begin to feel so sad when I think about everything I have done in a country that I may never get another chance to return to. I never could have imagined the lasting impact that just one short month could have on me for the rest of my life.

When I first got on that plane to come to Tanzania I was so nervous on what to expect and what my life would be like for the next month. Teaching in a school that I knew nothing about and to students that I have never met or didn’t know if they would even like me, was so overwhelming to think about. But after the first few days and I really began teaching I realized how incredible of a feeling it is to do something so far out of your comfort zone. I had never felt so comfortable and confident in my abilities as a teacher as I had while I was in Tanzania. I felt so creative in the lesson plans I was creating and once I taught them to my students, I really saw them grasp the ideas. Although many may have needed extra help or attention or a lesson may have needed to be taught in a slightly different way than I had planned, I was still able to see that spark in their eyes when they had learned something and retained the information. As it is with any classroom, you have students that need lessons taught in different ways so that they understand it and lessons always have to altered to fit your students’ specific needs. But the lasting impact that all of those students had on me and the many things that they taught me by just listening and letting me practice a career choice that I absolutely love is something I will forever be grateful for. I can never thank everyone that I met enough for everything they did and have taught me. I have learned so much not only as a future teacher but as a person as well.

Tanzania has truly been a life changing experience. I have become a better person in just a short months time. I have learned so much about myself; my strengths, my weaknesses, my abilities, and my fears. I have learned about a culture that is so different than my own and I have met people that I will forever hold in my heart. I am truly blessed for the experiences and opportunities I have had in Tanzania and I hope to one day return to this country and teach again!

– Katie

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