Lasting Impressions..

It’s crazy to me that I left Tanzania a week ago. Since I’ve been back things feel weird. It feels like a dream and that the trip didn’t happen. But then when I share my pictures or stories with people then I get the reality feeling that I really was in Tanzania for almost a month and having a great experience. I also miss the people I went with. It’s weird not seeing them after seeing them every day for a month straight. I am also missing the kiddos like crazy. Being back at work and seeing the kids there just makes me think of the kids in Tanzania and how I wish they were here with me.

After being home I have a whole new outlook and perspective on how I want to live my life here in America. Tanzania is so happy with what so little they have. I see too many people here that are un-happy and they have so much more than what they need. So I am telling myself the next time that I am stressed, upset, or going through something, that the people in Tanzania are most likely going through things much worse than me.  I’m a lot more positive and not letting the little things bother me, because there is no reason to be negative all the time with how much I am blessed.

Tanzania taught me how strong I can be and how confident I really am when I am put in situations outside of my comfort zone. Before I went to Tanzania I was dealing with anxiety and now that I have came back I no longer have those feelings. I now know that I can do anything! I want to keep traveling but I know that by doing this experience I gained so much. I know now a different education system and have more experience being in front of a classroom even though I have not done Teacher Assisting yet. Can’t wait to continue to share my experience with people 🙂 But I am missing it there a lot..

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