Science in Tanzania: Two

Science in Tanzania: Two

I was finally able to teach a lot of science during my last two weeks in Tanzania. Teaching upper level physics and biology was difficult! The content was a little outside of my grasp and what I am used to. The physics and biology courses that I took at GV were only content courses, not pedagogy classes. Respiration and motion were things that I could recall the concepts, but I was never given ways to teach it. Trying to come up with ways to teach these subjects in a fun hands-on approach was difficult.

The students in Tanzania are not used to having a lot of freedom in their education and are not used to thinking critically, participating in discussions, or working in groups. The Form II students that I taught were Sam and Sarah’s students. They are GVSU graduates that have been living and teaching in Tanzania since December. They have done an amazing job of helping their students learn how to think critically and work cooperatively. There are still some issues with these aspects of education and so that makes teaching in an interactive way difficult sometimes.

I was also able to teach a few science lessons with my standard 6 students. We had been covering adaptations and habitats and I was able to do a few lessons with that as well as start a unit on natural resources. Only one or two of these lessons were planned, the rest were things that I developed on the spot.

Overall, I think that the students were able to work together in a beneficial way and think critically about the concepts of respiration and motion. I think that the lessons went well although they could have gone better. I liked being able to actually teach a variety of science topics with different age groups.

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