As I reflect back on my trip abroad there are a couple of things that I still think about often. To begin I honestly cannot get over how welcoming and eager the Tanzanian people were to show us their language and culture. At first, it was strange walking to school and having every other person say “Mambo” and “Habari” to me, but after a few days it grew on me! I looked forward to saying hello to Mike (the taxi driver the end of our road) and to anyone that would listen. Quite honestly it’s something that I miss now that I am in America; it seems most people are just in too much of a hurry to say hello.

Secondly, enjoyed learning about the culture and food of the Tanzanian people. I know that I may not have liked everything that I ate, but honestly everyone that cooked/prepared food for us always seemed proud of the meal they created.  Maybe it’s just me, but the chefs at the Outpost always smiled when I asked them what they cooked … or when we came back for seconds!

Lastly, I also think about my students. My students definitely made a lasting impression on me because they loved us so much. Every time that they saw me their faces lit up and every time that I was gone and came back they asked me where I was and even though I was only with them for 4 weeks we still bonded and learned from each other. It was sad to tell them when my last day was because they all seemed gloomy after that! Overall, I think back on the generosity and kindness of the Tanzanian people; this is definitely a trip I will never forget!

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