Lasting Impressions

After visiting my 6th graders and telling them all about Tanzania and showing them all of the pictures, I knew this trip would definitely influence how I teach. They all had so many questions for me and I was able to apply what I taught them during my teacher assisting time to my trip. I think the trip is still sinking in. At this point it feels like I never went to Africa. It just seems to crazy to believe myself!

At first once I got back I felt out of place. Part of that might have been the jet lag, the other the culture shock of American accommodations. I also was quick to eat all of the food I had missed while in Africa. I didn’t realize I would miss the food here so much and how easy it is to get. I did feel that in Africa it wasn’t necessarily hard to get “American like” food, but they didn’t have it in all of the varieties they do here and often has an African twist. I didn’t realize I would miss American food so much and now I am realizing how often I give into weaknesses.

I don’t know if the trip will ever sink in. I think after I start talking about it more, especially in my future classroom I will understand the real significance in this trip. For me it is so hard to grasp and apply it to my own life. But is that the real goal of this trip? I don’t think it was necessarily a trip to change how each of us lives our lives, but to have a new perspective on how others in this world live. When I was talking about Tanzania with my 6th graders I often found the explanation for why they do things as: “it is part of their culture”. It is different, but its not necessarily wrong.

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