What I have learned – Kylie Jones

During our trip we were able to visit Monduli Teachers college.  This visit was really interesting because it was awesome to see how a college is in another country.  We were given a tour of the college as soon as we got there and learned that the teachers actually can live on campus as well as the students.  There was housing for the students divided into male and female dorms.  We also learned that the landscape and jobs around the college is divided amount the students and they must do their jobs before they start classes during the day.  The students spend about two years at this college to get their teaching degree at the secondary level.

After the tour we were able to meet and ask some of the teachers there a few questions.  The people that we talked to were actually called tutors, and from what I understood they call professors tutors.  The teachers we talked to do not live on the campus because there is currently no room but they would prefer to live on the campus because then they would not have to pay rent.  Each of the teachers always wanted to be a teacher and never wanted to do anything else.  They each want to continue their education if possible.  The teachers we talked to teach physics, science and there was even a physical education teacher.  I thought that was really neat because usually in America you can’t just major in physical education you need something else as well.

The best part of the trip was being able to talk one on one with the students.  I talked to Peter during the time and I loved asking him questions about his college.  He was 27 and he wanted to be doctor at first and then decided to be a teacher because his older siblings are also teachers.  Peter is from the southern part of Tanzania so he must stay on campus and he rarely goes home because it is so far away.  The amount that students have to pay is about 600,000 shillings which is about 300 dollars per year, which doesn’t not seem like a lot to me but to them it is.  Peter was majoring in chemistry and physics, unlike students at GV the students there have to specialize in two areas not just one.  Learning about the college was great and I really enjoyed gaining a different perspective on a college education.

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