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A strong love for mathematics and the visual arts. Passionate about teaching and helping others. A life-long learner and adventurer.

Lasting Impressions

Being back at home took some adjusting, especially with the time zone. But after a couple days, I’m back in my routine. It feels odd. My summer jobs do not start until next week, so I feel as if I’m … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned

It’s crazy to think that our month here in Tanzania is up. I had my last day of school today and said my good-byes to the students and staff. I’m really going to miss them. And in just a few … Continue reading

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We Did It!

This past Saturday we embarked on our climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro! We woke up around the same time as for school, ate breakfast, packed our snacks, refilled our water bottles, and got on the bus at about 8:00am. The drive … Continue reading

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Our Safari in the Serengeti

As the weekend was approaching, I was full of excitement. I just knew it would be an incredible experience and that we would get to see so much on our adventure in Serengeti National Park. After those four days, I … Continue reading

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About to Leave

It is crazy to think in just a couple of days I will be leaving the U.S. and finding myself arriving in Arusha, Tanzania. I’m both excited and nervous. I’ve began packing and purchasing what little I had left to and … Continue reading

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