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Lasting Impressions

After visiting my 6th graders and telling them all about Tanzania and showing them all of the pictures, I knew this trip would definitely influence how I teach. They all had so many questions for me and I was able … Continue reading

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What I have Learned

Before this trip I understood coming to Tanzania would change me, but I didn’t know how exactly it would. Now, two days before getting back on that plane I can say that the goals I have for myself have become more … Continue reading

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Life’s a climb

Instead of preparing for the climb by putting on my raincoat, poncho, and bug spray, I should have been preparing for the climb by realizing climbing a mountain isn’t just a hike up a hill. The picture below shows the elevation … Continue reading

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First Impressions

Since we arrived in Tanzania when it had already turned dark, the ride to the Outpost was uninteresting. The morning though, is when everything came into perspective and I started my journey in this amazing country and city of Arusha. … Continue reading

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Getting Ready!

Honestly I can’t believe it is a day away from departure. Where has time gone? In preparation for this experience I did many things, most of which include shopping and packing. The first preparations started over Christmas break when I … Continue reading

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